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Strategy development

In 60 days, we’ll create a strategy for your bank’s SME business so that you can implement your plans even faster.

SME Banking Agency approach

“Think first, then do. “Measure twice, cut once.” You can communicate with these catchphrases for a long time to come. But you can understand at once: you need a strategy to achieve heights and implement reforms.

For 9 years, we have been working with data and indicators from over 20 banks in 5 countries for nine years. Our key expertise is SME.

We are always on the front line, in the thick of it, and have direct contact with all the major players in the market. It means we can assess the market situation quickly and objectively.

SME Banking Agency is a one-stop-shop for all things SME. We help banks to create effective strategies that save time, money, and resources instead of rosy plans.

Our competencies are trusted:


Five strategies in the structure of one

SME Banking Agency’s SME Development Strategy is a comprehensive document consisting of the following parts:

  1. Audit of the current strategy.
  2. Update of client segmentation and organizational structure.
  3. Update of SME customer service model.
  4. Development of digital lending and business process automation approaches.
  5. Development of marketing strategy.

We provide data as in three areas – micro, small and medium-sized businesses, and business forms: self-employed, entrepreneurs, or companies.

What will strategy development give you?

When you work with SME Banking Agency, you get a single functional strategy that will allow you to:

  1. Understand the current situation (as it is).
  2. Analyze the effectiveness of your current work.
  3. Identify strengths and weaknesses against competitors.
  4. Simplify and speed up processes within the SME business.
  5. Optimize the organizational structure.
  6. Improve the quality of service delivery.
  7. Make the correct managerial decisions.

Our personal experience in SME banking, our understanding of the situation in other banks, and our study of market requirements allow us to prepare the most precise and detailed action plan.

A whole team is working on the strategy

To develop the SME development strategy, we formed a team of in-house experts and specially invited (independent) specialists.

Each participant is a practitioner with the necessary competencies and experience (including top positions) in the SME banking segment.

For in-depth diagnostics, we involve reputable subject-matter experts. Such as risk management, digital banking, methodology, product marketing, etc.

We will interview your staff, look at your SME through the eyes of the market, go through the customer journey, compare it to your competitors and deliver a personalized strategy presentation to the bank’s top management.

We are always on your side, so we set employees up to work together. We don’t compete with them, but help to improve efficiency, which will positively impact on individual and overall results.

In examining the performance of your business line, we will not look at standards and averages, but rather at the performance of the leading banks.

We will prepare the report according to your bank’s corporate style and identity to make it look like an official internal document. We will provide it in an e-form that can be opened on all devices.

Based on the survey results, we prepare a final report with a portfolio of expert recommendations for resolving the current situation. We do not just send this report, but present it to the bank’s management in person.

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