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Research to order

In 30 days, we will conduct personal and exclusive research into the SME market so that you can make better management decisions.

SME Banking Agency methodology

The most valuable data will never be found in free access. They need to collect, correctly analyze, and provide accurate conclusions.

SME Banking Agency can produce 100% customized analytics in addition to regular basic reports – pinpointed and in the areas you need.

You set the objective, set the goals – we do the rest.

Comprehensive comparative reports are in the most demand. They allow a particular bank to assess its real competitive position against others (including by-products).

The individual study will allow:

  1. Get as much reliable information as possible.
  2. Evaluate your current position.
  3. Prepare a new competitive strategy.
  4. Plan your next steps.
  5. Move according to a plan, not a hunch.

We have been working with data for nine years and receive our data directly from the banks. It allows us to provide the most accurate and reliable information possible, showing the real situation.

What are these reports?

  • Comparison of the internet (web) and mobile banking
  • Loan product comparison
  • Comparison of selected SME product features
  • Assessment of business segment potential Analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

Upon your request, we can carry out individual research focusing only on today’s information of interest.

Three advantages in one

SME Banking Agency is a mix of analytical intelligence, industry expertise, and successful experience in SMEs (including in top positions).

We speak the same language as you, we understand each other, and we know what data to look for at first.

You will receive a comprehensive document that you can launch immediately and respond quickly to rapidly changing market trends.

This document will only contain the necessary information, no lengthy data or empty thoughts.

We will prepare the report according to your bank’s corporate style and identity to make it look like an official internal document. We will provide it in an e-form that can be opened on all devices.

This will be a report with data available only to your bank. The information collected and analyzed for you will not be used and distributed elsewhere.

Even after payment and acceptance of the report, we always stay in touch with you to advise you on new issues and provide additional explanations.

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