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Market analysis

Within 30 days, we will prepare an analytical report for your bank, which will allow you to understand the starting point, calculate forces and plan the further conquest of the market.

SME Banking Agency approach

For ten years, we have been collecting relevant statistics and analyzing their dynamics on the banking services market (SME segment) in 7 countries.

We already know what is happening, understand the reasons, identify trends and predict changes.

We take information from primary sources (directly from banks) to assess the situation on the market as quickly and objectively as possible.

If you need a specific analyst on certain areas, – we will prepare it on a personal request.

Benchmark report

Such a report we form by our own technology, understanding the requests and requirements of the banking segment. It means that you are not getting a dry set of statistics, but a comprehensive predictive study that will help:

  • Review the effectiveness of current work.
  • Compare achievements with competitors.
  • Identify growth rates and constraints.
  • Assess opportunities for improvement.
  • Form/adjust growth strategy.

It is essential for those who want not just to be a market participant but has ambitions and aspires to leadership status.

What’s inside the report?

  1. Sales dynamics.
  2. Product profitability.
  3. The efficiency of sales channels.
  4. The managers’ workload
  5. Level of digitization.

Our reports choose:


100% exclusivity

We don’t make a general report that we sell multiple times.

Each report is a unique summary based on the bank’s request. On-demand, we conduct additional (deeper) research and collect market data.

Therefore, at a minimum, it is unnecessary to pay for something irrelevant.

Such an exclusive report will allow you to understand the starting point, calculate forces and plan further market conquest.

The report will be prepared according to a corporate style and identity of a bank. And will look like an official internal document.

We will prepare the report per your bank’s corporate style and identity to make it look like an official internal document. We will provide it in an e- form, that can be opened on all devices.

This will be a report with data available only to your bank. The information collected and analyzed for you will not be used and distributed elsewhere.

Even after payment and acceptance of the report, we always stay in touch with you to advise you on new issues and provide additional explanations.

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