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Digital banking introduction

We will design, test, and launch an online or mobile banking service for you that meets market and customer requirements.

Taking control of the process

If you decide to get into developing of online and mobile business banking, there are a few nuances to understand.

First, determine how applications must perform at a functional level to implement your strategies and visions. And so that it can be on par with the best peers or even ahead of them in some respects.

Secondly, to find out what modern technological features need to be strengthened to meet the demands of the market and the advanced customer, who always has a choice.

Thirdly, to understand which contractor to entrust with the development, give him clear tasks, and adequately monitor and check the work results in detail. And also to ensure everything is done on time, in total, and on budget.

SME Banking Agency approach

SME Banking Agency works on their own technology when introducing mobile and online business banking:

  1. Testing an idea with a small budget.
  2. Functionality testing with a small number of customers.
  3. Test convenience and speed with all constants and variables.

The “all at once” method is not our story. We respect our clients’ money, time, and reputation.

Once the test model has shown functionality, we will start scaling it up and arming it with additional features within the agreed budget.

What will the introduction of digital banking bring?

  • Increasing the number of customers and transactions.
  • Customer retention through improved competitiveness.
  • Accelerated delivery of banking services.
  • Improved quality of control over operations.
  • Increased sales of additional products.
  • Customer appreciation and loyalty.

Trust the process to us

SME Banking Agency provides consulting and mentoring services for implementing digital banking.

It means we take your side and care for all the procedural details. We have been actively involved in the European SME development market for seven years. It means we are ready to speak the same language as you, understanding all the intricacies.

On the other hand, we regularly analyze the mobile business banking of more than 50 financial institutions and even rank mobile business banking apps for businesses. In other words, we can still speak the same language both with bank customers and with software developers.

The own experience of many banks often boils down to a single conclusion: “Burn millions in the furnace” to get a raw product that will only damage their reputation.

Key automation modules

We build a 100% unique relationship with each bank and implement digital banking according to a personal strategy.

In our work, we prefer a comprehensive approach and a turnkey model: from market analysis, credit products, and competitor digital banking to a complete update of service delivery and support processes. Key modules:

  • Discovery phase.
  • Testing phase.
  • Pilot project.
  • Improvement and roll-out.

The first and educational stage. We identify the target segment, its goals and needs, and possible problems – and design a map of solutions the bank can offer. We consider the requirements for these solutions and analyze their consistency with the bank’s goals. After these procedures, we prepare a proposal for technical implementation, fix the project’s boundaries, and calculate the development costs.

Following a review and approval process, we develop a test version of the service with a minimum set of features (website and other marketing materials) corresponding to the identified unique proposition.

After testing and receiving positive feedback, we start developing the beta version of the service and the MVP of the project and move on to accurate testing with the bank’s clients. We set specific tasks for them, track the customer journey and analyze their behavior when using the service.

Based on the results of the client analysis of the pilot project, we make changes and refinements and arrive at the ‘ideal product’ model. After approval of the base version, we move on to the scaling stage – we agree on the scope of work, deadlines, and budgets.

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