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Credit automation

We will help simplify all application and loan processing procedures to speed up work, make it modern and increase customer loyalty.

Leveling up the flagship sector

Financing is a crucial area of the SME business segment at the bank. It generates revenues and has a direct impact on profitability.

Today, many processes work in the old way. Manual review of applications, long decision-making on extradition, bureaucratic red tape with overlapping responsibilities.

It’s the 21st century. So just, the banks that are not just looking to the future but already implementing new technologies will remain in the market.

SME Banking Agency will help to automate SME lending procedures and introduce new standards for their support. As a result, you will notice how processes will speed up and become more systematic.

Customers will also appreciate it, seeing they face a genuinely modern bank.

No more experiments!

Banks today are facing specific challenges in digital business transformation. It is happening very slowly and clumsily.

There are cases where even an “innovation” becomes obsolete during implementation. It’s why the bank needs outside help. Of course, if it has ambitious plans for the future.

SME Banking Agency has had its finger on the pulse of SME lending in 5 countries for nine years. We know what is happening and understand why this is the case. We know what needs to be done today, so you can start reaping the rewards tomorrow.

The future of the LaaS platform

The primary trend in SME lending is to manage all processes using a LaaS platform.

LaaS – Lending-as-a-Service – is a modern IT platform with which you can work both on a rental basis and a profit-sharing basis.

Yes, investing in developing your platform is possible, but these are years of testing, millions of investments, and constant fine-tuning. When even a tiny ‘hang-up’ can have an impact on a bank’s reputation.

That’s why it’s easiest to take advantage of off-the-shelf solutions that integrate quickly into your bank’s system, adapt to your technology, and start working steadily and securely immediately.

What will the implementation of a LaaS platform bring?

  • Speeding up the application process.
  • Simplification of decision-making procedures.
  • Improved management of all processes.
  • Increased accuracy of risk assessment.
  • Easy cataloging of all documents.
  • Automation of communications with borrowers.
  • Increased control of loan repayments.

It is a single database to which all staff members of the SME vertical join by their functional access.

Our practical experience of working in SMEs, our understanding of the situation in other banks, and our study of market trends allows us to build the most effective LaaS platform possible, according to the objectives and strategy of the particular bank.

Key automation modules

We build 100% unique relationships with each bank and carry out lending automation according to a personal strategy.

We provide point-to-point or comprehensive lending modernization solutions, from market and product analyses to complete renovation and automation of the process.

Key modules:

  • Analysis of market and competitor potential.
  • Credit product research.
  • Development/improvement of credit policy.
  • Automation and modernization of the lending process.
  • Implementation of online lending.

The first step is to obtain an application from the borrower in a way that is as easy as possible for him/her (easier than for the classic way through a branch). It’s possible by applying online and integrating with the registries containing the borrower’s information.

In an environment of high speed, total digitalization, and remote service, a modern bank needs to provide remote access to finance – through IT technology.

The decision-making module includes a scoring or rating model and a methodology for calculating and setting limits on active transactions for a borrower or group of related companies.

The application approval module is a complementary functionality to the decision-making module. It provides an online voting and signing procedure for the bank.

It’s a module for the relevant document flow for the disbursement of loan funds and the subsequent follow-up of the loan transaction up to the full repayment of interest and debt.

A module to record and monitor collateral for loan transactions (throughout the term of the loan agreement).

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