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Business diagnostics

In 30 days, we will conduct an independent performance diagnostic of your SME business line to improve its current competitiveness.

No more experiments

SMEs are one of the critical areas of the financial sector. The current battle of banks for market positions is taking place precisely in the SME segment.

Well-established processes across the entire business line directly impact overall financial performance. It is through SME products that clients are attracted to the integrated service (including the retail segment).

These facts require the banks to be as cold-blooded and careful as possible. And not just in their own opinion.

And to avoid wasting time on numerous experiments – it is essential to understand the situation from the outside. That is, to get an independent assessment from an expert organization. That is SME Banking Agency.

What exactly are we doing?

  1. Audit of the current strategy.
  2. Analysis of the effectiveness of the organizational structure.
  3. Performance review of units.
  4. Independent assessment of performance against KPI.
  5. Assessment of the quality of risk management.

At the end of the independent diagnostic, you receive a report on the current state of affairs, a strengths/weaknesses analysis, and a portfolio of recommendations for the planned implementation.

A business line diagnosis will allow:

  1. Find out the actual situation (as it is).
  2. Make operational management decisions.
  3. Revise the organizational structure.
  4. Simplify and accelerate processes within the business line.
  5. Develop/adjust the transformation of the SMEs.

Our experience working in SME banking (including in top positions), our understanding of the situation at other banks, and our knowledge of market requirements allow us to prepare the most accurate action plan quickly and on the first try.

Key diagnostic steps

In-house experts and independent specialists diagnose the SME business line. Each has relevant training and experience in top positions at commercial banks.

We engage leading practitioners in specific areas (risk management, digital banking, etc.) to conduct specialist research.

The whole procedure is carried out in several stages:

  1. Interviews with bank staff.
  2. Desk research on data from the bank.
  3. Discussion of initial diagnostic results.
  4. Finalizing the final report with recommendations.
  5. Final presentation to top management.

We are always on your side, so we set employees up to work together. We don’t compete with them, but help them improve efficiency, which will positively impact individual and overall results.

In examining the performance of your business line, we will not be looking at standards and averages, but rather at the performance of the leading banks.

We will provide a comprehensive analytical document based on which top management can compare the performance of the SME business line with its competitors and assess opportunities for optimization.

Based on the survey results, we prepare a final report with a portfolio of expert recommendations for resolving the current situation. We do not just send this report, but present it to the bank’s management in person.

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