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Our specialty – SME

We help clients find ways to turn the daily information and experiences of others into practical ideas by introducing innovative strategies and financial technology for small and medium-sized business clients.

Андрей Гидулян

Audit of the current strategy, organizational structure, and team, the business line results, preparation of an independent assessment of the business line performance, and recommendations for improvement to the bank’s management.

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Preparation of a development strategy for the SME segment, considering market conditions, its potential, and the bank’s capabilities.

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Алексей Саяпин

Diagnostics and automation of the lending process to improve lending efficiency and comparison of SME loan products.

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Implementation of Internet banks and mobile banking applications for SME based on in-house research and partner solutions.

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We can tailor the research to your needs if you have yet to find the necessary information in the Reports section.

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Александр Курсик

Assessment of SME segment client base potential, credit market, competitive analysis, and key performance indicators of banks in the segment.

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