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Audit of the functionality of Internet business banking

In September-December 2022, SME Banking Agency experts audited the functionality of Internet business banking (web version) commissioned by a Ukrainian bank from TOP-10.

Within the framework of the project, the following were carried out:

  • analysis of the current functionality of the system;
  • analysis of the functionality of similar products of competing banks;
  • in-depth interviews with clients from various business segments.

During the analysis of the functionality of Internet banks, the Agency’s experts went through customer scenarios for key system functions the most requested by users, with a quantitative and qualitative assessment of each. Non-key features complementing and enhancing customer experience in Internet banking were also explored.

During in-depth interviews, extensive customer feedback was obtained on using various systems functions, and “pain points” were identified that should be addressed.

Based on the audit results, the customer was presented with the strengths and weaknesses of the system and its key advantages, and also proposed possible directions for developing the customer’s Internet business banking for the coming years.

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