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Mission and vision

Our mission

We work for the innovative development of the banking industry and for the prosperity of small and medium-sized businesses, which are the backbone of the middle class and the well-being of society. We believe in small business.

Our values

  • Professionalism
  • Unity
  • Customer focus
  • Digitality
  • Promptness

What we offer

Today, SME Banking Agency is more than just a community. We conduct research, market and product analyses, hold SME events, and provide tailored consulting services.

Our regional focus is Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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Our vision: we are a community of business bankers who are dynamic and committed to regional leadership. Our success is based on people, digital technology, and speed.

«We believe in small business – it’s our DNA. We are set up to help banks provide the best financial services to SMEs. As the owner and manager of a small company, I understand business problems very well. And being a banking expert, I know how to help banks build an effective segment and provide real help to small businesses.»

Andrii Hidulian, founder of SME Banking Agency

We help clients to find ways to turn the everyday information and experiences of others into practical ideas by introducing innovative strategies and financial technology to SME clients.

We offer a comprehensive approach to transform your business and improve the efficiency of your business segment.

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