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SME Banking Agency Profile

Our story began on October 23, 2010, when Andrii Hidulian founded SME Banking Club community after 10 years working in the SME business of Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

We have united over 20 banks in 5 countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan. And we have become the industry’s “perpetual engine”.

Our aim is to contribute to the continuous innovative development of SMEs by analyzing accurate data and implementing modern technologies.

In 2022, we took a step forward and transformed into information and analytical agency – SME Banking Agency.

We specialize in SME banking

We equip banks with global success stories and cutting-edge technology so that you can keep up with the times and constantly improve your service.

SME Banking Agency’s mission

  1. To help the SME segment prosper by adopting best practices and IT technologies.
  2. To provide banks and financial companies with the most reliable data to make accurate decisions.
  3. Focus on client goals and objectives rather than blindly following internal KPIs and growth metrics.

История роста

Transformation into SME Banking Agency

The 10th-anniversary annual conference, accession of the first bank from Moldova

Accession of the first bank from Armenia

Accession of banks from Belarus, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan

Accession of the first bank from Kazakhstan

Establishment of Gidulyan Company, expansion of SME Banking Club

Founding SME Banking Club

SME Banking Agency in persons

Andrii Hidulian


+38 050 383 1243

Oleksii Saiapin

Business development director

+38 067 251 65 52

Illia Lototskyi

Content Manager

Oleksandr Kursik

Our unbreakable principles


Professionalism. Our experts have experience in the SME sector (including TOP management positions), with a combined experience of 18 years.


Unity. It is more effective to develop the market together than separately. That is why we are building a community of banks with common interests.


Speed. We are always in touch, responding promptly and delivering on our commitments as quickly as possible.


Digitality. We promote modern and progressive solutions that enable banks to improve their processes and outcomes.

SME Banking Agency is a single information hub and knowledge base. We collect information directly from banks and use it to produce analytics. With us, you know what to do, how to do it, and how not to “step on the rake”.

A unique knowledge base on SMEs

(for SME Banking Club members)





Библиотека инноваций

innovation library


Обзоры стран

country reviews


Обзоры приложений

app reviews


Собственные исследования

own researches


Премии и рейтинги

awards and ratings


Экспертные советы

advisory councils





Архивы презентаций

presentation archives


Видео выступлений

video of speeches

Total accumulated

Planned for 2023

Our credo

We work to provide our clients the cutting-edge innovative solutions, advanced services, and digital bankings that will become the benchmark of the market.

We in the media It is time for banks to realize that their future is in small business

Dukascopy TV: Current banking tools for businesses in the CIS

The Financial: SME segment forcing banks to launch non-banking sertvices

We work for the innovative development of the banking industry and for the prosperity of small and medium-sized businesses, which are the backbone of the middle class and the well-being of society. We believe in small business.

“SME Banking Agency’s researches provide us an objective assessment of SME market development and its key indicators” – Raiffeisen Bank.

Today SME Banking Agency is more than just a club. We conduct research, market and product analyses, hold SME events, and provide bespoke advisory services.

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