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The Future of Adaptive Authentication in the Financial Industry

Is Your Organization Applying the Right Amount of Security to the Right Transactions?

Caught within a shifting threat landscape, a tighter regulatory environment and a seismic shift in customers’ banking preferences – and their tolerance for security – financial institutions globally are making a shift to adaptive authentication. This is the process of applying the precise amount of security, at the right time, to each unique customer transaction based on the level of risk.

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What’s driving this shift? What are the necessary tools and skills? What are the business benefits, as well as the obstacles that could impede the move to adaptive authentication?

These questions are among those to be answered in this State of Adaptive Authentication in the Financial Industry survey. Here are some highlights:

Fifty-five percent of survey respondents say their institution’s digital authentication measures are average or below when compared to their peers. And 55 percent rate themselves at average or below when it comes to their institution’s current ability to apply the precise amount of security to the right transactions at the right time.

With responses from more than 150 respondents from primarily U.S. institutions, the survey finds that only 37 percent currently have adaptive authentication as an active initiative. But 44 percent say adaptive authentication will be an active initiative in 2019.