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Global, Blockchain-powered Small Business Financial Services Platform

NEXXO is building the NEXT generation, blockchain-powered, financial services platform for small businesses. There are more than 260 million small businesses world-wide that are under-serviced, and the NEXXO solution is designed from the ground up to address such an unfulfilled need. NEXXO partners with local banks and with local central bank regulators to build a global platform that betters the lives of small business owners and operators, their families, their communities, and their surrounding ecosystem.

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We’ve achieved exponential growth in our current market, and have proven that our business model works, our products are already in the market and are generating revenues and profits. Formerly Nexxus Payment Group, and currently majority shareholder of QPAY, the fastest growing fintech in the Middle East; NEXXO has issued more than 300,000 live IBAN (International Bank Account) bank cards and is servicing more than 15,000 small businesses. We have an impressive management team and is incorporated across 6 countries.

We are revolutionizing small business financial services by employing disruptive technologies powered by a local/global blockchain hybrid platform, built on IBM™ Hyperledger. Our local blockchain complies with all local banking licenses, legal, KYC, AML, security, and local central bank regulatory requirements, while our global blockchain connects all local blockchains to form a multi-national legally compliant blockchain network focused on small business financial services.