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How Do Economies Define Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)?

The note covers official and working definitions of MSME by governments and private financial institutions for 120 economies. This note also includes a matrix of variables used for defining MSME, which summarizes what the most common characteristics of MSME definitions are.

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These variables include the number of employees, assets, turnover, capital, and investment; and these variables can be differentiated by industry in some cases. For the analysis of the distribution of the MSME definitions by a number of employee sand by region, as used in the MSME Country Indicators (MSME-CI), please see the note “Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises around the World: How Many Are There, and What Affects the Count?”

Within an economy, there are often more than one agency that has their own MSME definition (e.g. statistical institutes, private banks, governmental MSME promotion agencies, and others). Out of 120 economies covered, 26 economies have more than one MSME definition.

Asterisk signifies that the definition is the same as the one applied in the MSME-CI, which is, in most cases, the definition applied by the national statistical institute or its equivalent.