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Banking in emerging markets

Seizing opportunities, overcoming challenges. Country reports

These rapid growth markets (RGMs) are very diverse banking markets and are at different stages of financial maturity. We highlight some key differences across the 10.

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South Africa is the most consolidated of our RGMs, with the top 5 banks accounting for over 90% of total assets. Indonesia, which has around 120 banks, is the least concentrated market, with the top 5 banks accounting for just 48% of industry assets.

Malaysia is the largest banking market, with industry assets valued at US$561b. Nigeria has the smallest banking sector, with just over US$118b in assets.

The established emerging markets tend to have much broader distribution networks than the less-developed markets.

Turkey has the highest ratio of branches to people, with 18.3 branches per 100,000 adults, while Chile has the highest ATM-to-person ratio, with 65.4 per 100,000 adults.

Indonesia has just 8.5 branches and 16.5 ATMs per 100,000 adults.

Three of our established RGMs — Malaysia, Turkey, and South Africa — are the countries with the largest deposit and loan books.

These three established RGMs are followed by Indonesia, which, although it has a smaller per capita GDP, has the largest population of all our RGMs, at over 242 million.

Chilean banks, with the smallest population of all our RGMs at just 17.3 million, still hold over US$145b of deposits, while their combined loan book stands at US$163b.