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China MSME Finance Report 2016

In 2015, economic growth of China was still faced with the situation where old forces were weakening, while new ones short, leaving economic downturn still stressful and business conditions tough. With respectively five consecutive times of interest and reserve rate cuts, in an effort to provide liquidity and bring down financing cost for enterprises within the year, funds that did flow to the real economy, or say, especially MSEs, were just a tiny proportion. ‘MSEs’ again appeared as a topic in executive meetings of the State Council.

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At the same time, marketization reform carried on in depth and breath. Interest rate liberalization harvested crucial progress, with interest rate control fully ended since then, deposit insurance system was officially built, financial infrastructure, including credit inquiry system, was improved, and the construction of a multi-level capital market further accelerated. We can see the effort that financial regulatory sectors had put forward in standardizing market system establishment, simplifying administration and decentralizing powers.

Further, a new scientific and technical revolution had been rising, with innovations mushrooming and penetrating various aspects of human society. We had to face such reality actually happening, that productions and consumptions of humans were unprecedentedly being digitalized. Under this irreversible trend, it was possible and necessary to apply technologies to lift the efficiencies of financial risk management and trading.

While the nature of finance did not change, methods and means of which would evolve greatly. More and more financial services would extend from tangible physical locations and transform into intangible services embedded in trading and consumption scenarios, reaching every tiny unit, the meaning of which was not negligible for MSMEs financial services.