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Digital in 2018 in Eastern Europe

Essential insights into the internet, social media, mobile, and eCommerce use across the region.

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Hootsuite’s perspective: 2018 social trends

  • The evolution of social ROI. It’s the end of the road for vanity metrics. Expect to see more organizations evolve their metrics as they look to quantify social’s contribution to tangible business challenges such as lowering costs, increasing revenue, mitigating risk, and attracting talent.
  • Mobile fuels the growth of social TV. In 2018, social networks will encourage brands to become broadcasters as mobile video and social-TV content take the spotlight. We advise caution here as the metrics that bump the stock price of social networks—such as mobile video views—might not help your organization achieve your own business outcomes.
  • Trust declines, while peer influence rises. From Trump’s tumultuous triumph over traditional media to the fake news phenomenon, we saw a shift in media culture in 2017. It’s clear we’re moving away from trusting traditional institutions—and moving towards smaller spheres of influence where customer communities and engaged employees matter more than ever.
  • Humans, meet AI. The machines have risen. And marketers have discovered they can be delightfully useful. But while marketers rush ahead with chatbots and AI-generated content, it’s still unclear whether customers will value these human-less engagements.
  • The promise (and reality) of social data. From tying together analytics systems to CRM integrations, marketers underestimated the complexity of social data initiatives. Organizations must recalculate the effort and resources needed to turn social data into a true—and unified—source of customer insights.