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Building the future of mobile banking 2017

Part 1

Financial services institutions are still dealing with the after-effects of the financial crisis. Lately, they have been making a great deal of effort to comply with new regulations, stabilize their finances, and, finally, regain customer trust.

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Banks are fully aware of how the society around them is evolving and how it is impacting the way people want to bank. They all know that they have to adapt their offering as well as their organization set up so that they can keep up with digital changes and new expectations, but it has been hard for most of them to tackle all of these challenges at the same time.

While digital transformation is strongly accelerating, banks need to completely reinvent themselves and go a step further than the evolution which has already been started by online banks.

Mobile, through its implied simplicity, transparency, immediacy, and ability to deliver personalized experiences, has been identified as a key driver of transformation and is expected to disrupt the retail banking industry more than any other development.