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Analysis of GIZ Approaches to Improve Access to Agricultural Finance

Objective is to improve knowledge management and share lessons learned

The objective of this study, which mainly focuses on the African continent, is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of GIZ programmes in promoting smallholders’ access to financial services. To do this requires improving knowledge management, as well as sharing good practices and lessons learned from successes and failures. This work is based on a stocktaking survey of the GIZ programmes that focus on improving agricultural actors’ access to financial services, and specifically on solutions that provide access to working capital and funds for investments.

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A report based on desk research and telephone discussions

This study is based on desk research, a survey questionnaire completed by 22 GIZ programmes, and telephone interviews with a number of these programmes. Several limitations were encountered: the survey design, which centred on multiple-choice questions, only contained a few open questions and thus did not allow for the collection of much detail; the timing of the survey; and the limited amount of information gathered for the case studies from discussions, which were held with GIZ staff only.

Chapter 3 provides an overview of the characteristics of the GIZ programmes surveyed and their involvement in agricultural finance

Also, some background on the contexts of the agricultural and financial sectors in which these programmes are active is provided. It also summarizes findings from the survey and draws some initial conclusions.