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From Agriculture to AgTech 2016

An industry transformed beyond molecules and chemicals

From Agriculture to AgTech: an unseen boom in agricultural venture capital investment leads to major disruption and foreshadows the millennial shift from family farms to smart “food factories”.

Today’s agricultural industry is on the verge of turning into a high-tech industry, as the growing number of agricultural startups and investors shows.

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How venture capital is fertilizing the revolution

After more than doubling from 2014 to 2015, AgTech investment is on an exponential growth path and follows the steps of FinTech, surprising traditional and long-established players.

Where the revolution is blooming

Starting from the US, other countries like Israel, China, and India are also catching on to the fourth agricultural revolution, digging into more innovation fields along the way. The investment focus will shift away from the mature food e-commerce sector to a more diversified portfolio of innovation fields and targeted value zones.