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The coronavirus outbreak forced small businesses to rapidly shift their business models to accommodate health and safety precautions, leaving many to juggle remote operations and new digital channels with little experience or staff on hand.

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While the ensuing economic downturn hit nearly every sector and every business, small businesses were acutely affected by nature of their size and limited access to crucial resources, like robust marketing teams and the latest online capabilities. And those in client-facing industries faced the significant hurdle of maintaining strong connections with their customers remotely.

Yet some small businesses fared better than others. What separated the leaders from the laggards?

To answer that question, we surveyed 1,500 small business personnel and 1,500 small business customers across three key sectors: financial services, legal and real estate — all high-touch industries that must carefully manage secure client communications.

Our findings revealed the major challenges and opportunities these industries faced during the pandemic and the qualities critical to digital resilience. Because digital resilience isn’t only critical to surviving the pandemic — it’s critical to surviving in today’s digital age, period.