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The Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs

Innovative, gender-specific support for women is critical to pandemic recovery

Understanding the female entrepreneurial environment is essential to supporting the success of women. Each year, Mastercard offers vital insights into the enablers and constraints of women’s progress as business owners across 58 world economies, representing nearly 80% of the world’s female labor force, in the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs.

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Through the report, now in its fourth year, Mastercard is committed to providing a bedrock of information that enables governments, businesses and individuals to take decisive action in implementing targeted gender-specific support resulting in greater gender parity in the world of work.

This annual report provides one component in the company’s broader mission to drive forward the advancement of the disconnected and disadvantaged. This year, Mastercard expanded its worldwide financial inclusion commitment, pledging to bring a total of 1 billion people and 50 million micro and small businesses into the digital economy by 2025. As part of this effort, there will be a direct focus on providing 25 million women entrepreneurs with solutions that can help them grow their businesses through a range of initiatives crossing funding, mentoring and the development of inclusive technologies.