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State of the Market: Alternative Lending – AltFi

AltFi’s Alternative Lending State of the Market Annual Report is the most comprehensive overview of the alternative lending landscape in 2021.

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This year report examines the impact of Covid-19 on the UK, European and US alternative lending markets, how Government-backed lending schemes have both helped and hindered lenders, and where new technologies like open banking and embedded finance are starting to take off.

Key findings include:

  • Section 1: Alternative Lending In Europe
    Despite the pandemic, Europe recorded the highest number of non-bank deals in Q4 2020.
  • Section 2: The Impact Of Government-backed Lending Schemes
    Across Europe, the inclusion of alternative lenders among emergency loan schemes has varied wildly, as has their performance and success.
  • Section 5: Who Are The Leaders Of Embedded Finance
    These pioneers are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with embedded lending technology in 2021
  • Section 8: Alternative Lending In The US
    American P2P and fintech lenders shrug off a challenging economic climate due to pandemic.
  • Section 10: Where Small Business Lending Is Heading Next
    Covid-19 shone a light on alternative lenders, but what’s in store next for the sector?

And much, much more…