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Who’s Who in Payments – The Papers

The Market Overview of Key Payment Providers in B2B and B2C Commerce

The Paypers has launched the 2021 edition of the Who’s Who in Payments Report – The Market Overview of Key Payment Providers in B2B and B2C Commerce, which reveals the payments industry’s high-rising trends, M&A activity and investments, startups to watch, along with detailed accounts of all the relevant capabilities and distinguishing portfolios of players activating in the B2B and B2C ecommerce space.

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The second edition of the report drills down into topics that are pivotal for merchants, payments professionals, and beyond – such as the rise of mobile e-commerce payments, to Buy Now Pay Later as a disruptive force, and the rise of SaaS platforms – and offers the most updated data on important mergers, acquisitions, and investments in the e-commerce payments space.

Moreover, the report contains an extensive analysis of the startups making a mark on the industry that redefines the concept of a startup in itself, along with key strategic insights on how companies can position themselves on the market to encourage growth and upkeep customer loyalty and engagement for their merchant clients.

The report’s highlights

What you need to be in the know

  • An insightful article on 2021’s changing payments landscape
  • A cohesive retrospective of all the notable mergers and acquisitions in the sector redacted by The Paypers, complemented by a detailed infographic on the strategic and financial buys in the payments industry 2020-2021
  • 2020 Key Investments Overview in payments and fintech followed by an infographic revealing the strategic investments that shaped the industry in the past year

Startups to watch

  • Challenges and opportunities in defining the ‘startup’ of 2021
  • The Paypers roundup of relevant startups that made a mark in the industry over the past year
  • Interview with Ryan Gwee, Founder, Chairman, and Group CEO of Aleta Planet