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Going Digital: The Banking Revolution

In the last decade, Asia’s banking sector has not only led the world in global banking profit pools, assets and market capitalisation but also in building new business models centred on digital innovations.

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In Singapore, the future of banking will evolve beyond mere transactions as financial institutions and big techs shift their focus towards personalisation and engage with consumers’ financial lives seamlessly through digital-first platforms.

Digital banking, although still nascent in Asia, represents a key opportunity in the region, with about half the population still unbanked or underserved. While the outlook seems positive, financial institutions and fintechs are presented with their own set of unique challenges.

The Visa Digital Banking Study will uncover key insights from consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as we move into an era of digital banking.

In Singapore, interest in digital banking services is high and more consumers are expecting digital-first experiences and want banking and payment services to match the speed and convenience of their user journeys.