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The Mobile Finance Report 2020

Find out how your finance app ranks against the best performers in the industry

Adjust’s latest report, in partnership with Apptopia, provides detailed analysis of banking, payment and investment apps as well as expert insights and key regional data.

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The world of finance has undoubtedly been disrupted by mobile, with fintech companies offering innovative digital services, including in-store mobile payment platforms and non-bank money transfers. EY’s Global FinTech Adoption Index 20191 suggests that internet users’ adoption of financial technology services almost doubled over the past two years, and 64% of digitally active users engage with fintech.

In this report with app intelligence provider Apptopia, we focus on the growth of install and session rates for fintech apps over the first half of 2020, how much time users are spending in-app, and how retention rates perform in this vertical. We’ve selected a geographic spread of apps that paint a picture of finance apps’ health in 2020. Diving into data from Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States, we’ve outlined regional trends and broader tendencies.