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A key enabler for accelerating digital transformation

Banks have seen some major changes in the past due to developments in technology. However, these could pale into insignificance when compared with the changes that are currently happening as a result of the exciting opportunities and challenges presented by the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Although this has been available in some forms for some time, it’s only now that its true potential is being realized in terms of being a catalyst for digital transformation of the financial landscape.

To gain a clearer perspective of what is actually happening in the financial services sector – and also to see what still needs to happen – Microsoft and Efma joined forces to carry out a survey of senior financial executives. Although this was a relatively small study, it still provides some fascinating insights into some of the developments that have already taken place; the many challenges that banks still face in relation to implementing AI; and the tremendous possibilities that lie ahead for the future.

In addition to the survey results, this report provides a glimpse into what is happening in different banks and in different countries. The contents have been guided by two discussion sessions involving a Steering Committee composed of industry leaders who are directly involved in transforming to a digital business and developing the use of AI within their banks.

We hope that you enjoy reading the report and that it stimulates your own interest in this fascinating subject – as AI will be a key element in determining the future path of banking across the world.