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Lessons from Asian banks on their coronavirus response

Financial institutions in countries initially affected by the pandemic moved quickly to safeguard their employees, transform their operations, and serve customers in new ways.

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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread around the world, the humanitarian crisis has been accompanied by immense social and economic disruption. Almost overnight, whole countries have had to accept a new reality: everything has changed, and daily life may never be the same.

Asian banks have already had to grapple with all of these factors, taking actions to maintain operations, protect their workforce, and keep customers informed. Their actions could offer a valuable template for banks around the world that are still amid the crisis and experimenting with initiatives. By focusing on three imperatives—ensuring business survival, fulfilling social responsibilities, and adapting to the new normal—banks can minimize disruption and continue to provide vital services to their customers.

Ensure business survival

In response to the pandemic, Asian banks moved quickly to shore up their operations and implement new approaches to mitigate operational disruptions. They prioritized several areas to identify issues or obstacles to business continuity and then experimented with new solutions and ways of working.