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Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019

As FinTech becomes the norm, you need to stand out from the crowd

Financial technology or “FinTech” has seen remarkable growth over the past few years. What was once considered a complex way of managing finance is now used by millions of people globally, due to the rise of online banking and mobile-first platforms.

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This year, in the EY third biennial FinTech adoption trends survey, 96% of the 27,000 consumers surveyed (across 27 global markets) reported they were at least aware of a FinTech transfer or payments service – and 75% had used one. The survey also identified growth in the SME market across the key categories of banking and payments, financial management, financing, and insurance.

For further insight into FinTech’s growing adoption and influence, take a full look at the report’s research and methodology.

With such growing adoption comes growing influence – maturing FinTech challengers are now not only winning business of their own, but actively driving legacy and non-financial organizations to develop their own FinTech products and services. Although some challenges have yet to be overcome, it seems that growth in the FinTech space steadily continues.